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A Look at Locally Sourced Sustainable Energy

Buy Local! A Look at Locally Sourced Sustainable Energy The local food movement has been around for some time and is gaining popularity. There are many benefits and no real downside. Ontario offers numerous farmers who provide their local areas with; fresh produce, honey, dairy and meat. Supporting local businesses not only grows the local economy, it is [...]

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An Introduction to the Passive Solar Home

An Introduction to the Passive Solar Home The term passive solar refers to controlling the thermal (heat) energy the sun exerts on our homes and buildings every day of the year. Basically, it is the process of capturing this free heat energy in the cold months, and deflecting it in the warm months. Your cat or dog knows how [...]

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4 Reasons Why People Do/Dont Install Solar Panels, Which Side Are You On?

4 Reasons For/Against Solar Panel Installation Lets be honest, solar isn’t for everyone. For some people its too high of an initial investment to realize the long-term benefits, while for others it just makes too much sense to enjoy energy independence while saving money and the environment. Everyone has their reasons, so we put together an infographic showing the [...]

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Switching to LED Lighting – Economical and Environmental Advantages

Switching to LED Lighting Helps Reduce Environmental Impact As a society, we already practice of a lot of things to help preserve the environment and reduce our impact. Switching to LED lighting is another great way to reduce environmental impact and save you money. Switching to LED lights over the next two decades would save North Americans over $250 [...]

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